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"The details of what you are fighting over are negligible compared to your inner most experience begging to be heard" Sevin Philips

Relationship Therapy: Couple, Individual and Family Counselling in Cambridge

I am Relate (The Relationship People) trained to work with couples, families and individuals on relationship issues and I have a Masters in this field.  I work with Relationships and Families in whichever form they take.  This includes (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Individuals seeking to explore their relationships

  • Partners/couples

  • Parents and children

  • Siblings (adult or child)

  • Adult child and older parent

  • Step families

  • Separated families

My integrative approach focuses on how you are interacting and what patterns arise between you.  Through our explorations we will recognise these patterns and understand some motivating factors both past and present.  This allows us to create and initiate different ways of relating that you would all prefer.  We can also explore what has worked well for you in the past in order to build on your skills and strengths. 


To highlight some issues that I am qualified and experienced in working with below is a summary.  Please hold in mind that it is not possible to create an exhaustive list, do contact me with any questions you have.

  • argument’s

  • trust issues

  • difficulty communicating

  • adjustment to parenthood

  • affairs

  • uncertainty about the future of the relationship

  • co-parenting issues

  • separation

  • bereavement

  • domestic abuse

  • child/adolescent to parent abuse 

  • change in life stage

  • fertility issues, miscarriage and abortion

  • sexual issues (non medical)

For more information about the Models of Therapy I integrate please click More. 



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